Website Design

Website Design

To design a website that yields expected results, you’ll need to define what you want from it. Consider why you’re designing the website—who your audience is, and what you’re targeting. Are you trying to get downloads, sales, reservations, appointments booked, engagements or even a larger audience? It’s crucial you know crystal-clear the purpose of the intended website. Knowing it will help you adopt the right content strategy and guide you through choosing the right platform, theme and page architecture. Now that you’ve seen a number of beautifully designed and award-winning platforms, keep these potential ideas in mind as you create your own.

  • This is one of the reasons why a user-friendly print-version of web pages is essential for good user experience.
  • Now that you’ve perused our best website design inspiration, it’s time to get started creating your own site.
  • Cryptontrading demonstrates how to present cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin using modern solutions like artificial intelligence.
  • That’s not that different from our regular life where we tend to get used to basic principles of how we organize data (folders) or do shopping (placement of products).

The blog post page itself displays the article on the left, while the blogger’s profile and some call-to-action buttons are on the right. It also features a table of contents to make navigation easier for readers. It usually includes a business phone number, email address, social media pages, and an interactive map featuring the company’s location. For example, Solidu Cosmetics’ Our Story page features the team’s photo, the company’s history, the brand’s USP, and an introduction video.

The best responsive website designs

In particular, the “Mobile first” approach emerged, which implies creating website design with a mobile-oriented layout first, and then adapting it to higher screen dimensions. Superlist’s design is a good option for SaaS companies looking for a contemporary design that guides users through interactive elements. Focus on creating a seamless scrolling experience, and add dynamic, interactive elements with clear labels and icons.
website design
For instance, a .tech domain is excellent for tech-related projects, and .shop domains are often used for online stores. While it’s a bit more simplistic than using a CMS, you’re limited to a single website type. You can quickly build a business website, eCommerce store, blog, and online portfolio.

on your website builder?

With its exciting concept and stunning execution, the website challenges our understanding of what is possible with AI on the web. As the visitor scrolls down, the site immerses the users into a very personal and engaging experience with Crypton’s greeting appearing on the home page, “Hello, I am Crypton,” one letter at a time. With the illustrations, motion graphics, audio/ video, and variety of colors, when you scroll down the page, the website is an experience in Web Design Trends itself all remaining consistent with the brand. The three-dimensional appearance of each character makes the scrolling fun and the smart use of different ‘call-to-action’ buttons makes the site visit worthwhile. IDEO is one of the leading global design companies committed to creating human-centered designs and positive impact through their work. The Octopus Blog is a testament to their incredible work that has won the Best Business Blog/Website 2019 Webby award.

The blog website is designed with a black-and-white theme and different Octopus drawing as its homepage design creates a cohesive theme as you scroll. Pioneer’s website, daring and contrasting colors, a beautiful amalgamation of science and real-time 3D assets, and animation shape the design and experience of the site. The organization beautifully captures the scene processes and cutting-edge science of pioneer corn through its website. In addition, it brings awareness to corn seed development right from lab to field and how it will change the concept of farming.

Build your Brand

Before using the CMS, learn basic coding, especially HTML and CSS, to take your site’s look and feel to the next level. Ideally, you want software that suits your skill set, budget, and purpose. A top-notch website that skillfully brings animation and AI experience to life with spectacular use of CSS and JavaScript. Cryptontrading demonstrates how to present cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin using modern solutions like artificial intelligence. The website helps understand changes in currency’s values as well as identify essential buying and selling opportunities.
website design
To create a web page on WordPress, go to Pages → Add New on the admin panel. Here’s what the interface will look like if you use the Gutenberg editor. If you want to use one font type while maintaining some visual interest, vary its size and style.

Your font should also reflect your brand personality and whether you want to look professional or fun and youthful. In this post, we will discuss why good website design is important from your audience’s perspective. As marketing becomes more competitive, a strategic, data-driven approach is essential to succeed. Instead, it must educate your potential buyers and streamline the sales process. German camera maker Leica leans heavily into nostalgia in its website — while still pointing out cutting-edge features and functions.

A professional web design arouses the curiosity of the visitors to dive in further. Whether you’re into construction, food & drink, education, or any such business, Designhill is a single-point destination for all your graphic design needs. Check out these good looking Wix websites designed by people just like you.

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